Two knee surgeries at the same time on an 8 year old yellow Labrador

Angel Waters had had bilateral TPLO surgery which is a massive challenge to recover from. After 3 months of intensive physiotherapy exercises and hydrotherapy, Angle went for a follow up assessment only for the physio to find her neck rock hard and shoulders reduced in shoulder extension.  Angel yelped as she was in pain.  Megan was upset as she had done everything possible to get Angel’s back legs functioning normally pain free.  During her recovery, Angel had shifted most of her weight onto her front legs.  The physio recommended canine massage and Megan wanted to help Angel’s comfort levels so started straight away.

Post-op massage treatment has been vital for Angel’s full recovery being balanced on all legs.  Megan was frustrated as Angel was not happy, wouldn’t walk very much as she was functional but in pain.

Angel received canine massage once a week for 3 weeks.  It was then moved out to once every two weeks and then to monthly treatment by 2 months.  Megan was given homework and shown how to massage Angel in areas that required daily release. There were improvements after each treatment as Angel’s head carriage got higher and the dip in her back was straightening. Over 2 months, muscles in her neck had become supple and released the tension in the shoulders, resulting in Angel getting stronger and standing on all 4 legs more evenly.

Angel has recovered well and18 months later she is back to being a normal dog thanks to Canine Balance, she would be nowhere near as functional, pain free and happy without it.

Megan said “what I like most about the massage is your helpful advice, and knowing Angel is getting ongoing care so that her good health will continue.”

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