Agility Nationals 2018

On Tuesday 10th April 2018 the Agility Nationals will commence and run for six days.  I am very excited about spending almost an entire week with these highly trained agility athletes.  The extensive training regime and countless hours of dedication and practice culminates in this important annual event.

It’s exciting for spectators too, watching dogs negotiate serpentine manoeuvres, challenging and tighter courses, faster dogs, expert handlers, all whilst pulling it off in under 60 seconds.

Dogs are put through intense physiological and psychological stresses during these events and Canine Balance is committed to helping you and your dog achieve optimum performance, whilst remaining injury-free.

Whilst at the event, take the opportunity to visit Canine Balance at our stand.  There will be special offers to take advantage of and a chance to talk about all things dog-sport related in taking care of your athlete.  Our plan is to promote longevity in canine athletes and ensure your dog goes on to live actively and pain-free in their senior years.

Here are some amazing stats about this Agility Nationals event which may interest you:

Entries – 6539

Classes 105

Dogs Competing – 707

73 Different Breeds

Largest Percentage of breeds:

Border Collie 31%

Associate Register 20%

Australian Shepherd 8%

Class Height Entries: 200 – 35   300 – 101   400 – 96    500 – 385    600 – 91

Canine Balance is offering Agility National competitors a special discount on:


Agility Nationals Treatments

20 min consults @ $27 (Normally $30)

  • Warm Up & Muscle manipulation or
  • Muscle manipulation & Cool Down

40 min consults @ $47 (Normally $60)

  • Warm Up & Muscle manipulation or
  • Muscle manipulation & Cool Down
  • Dog Pro focussed Accell Therapy
  • Stretch

40 min $130 Cross-fit training program, including testing

  • Assessment – gait, spine, joint integrity, and muscle
  • Light treatment
  • Testing
  • Tailored 12-week Program & Training Exercise Calendar – provided after event

Come along to our stand to see how much you can save on these amazing services to help your dog.

In your “Welcome” bag you will find a Canine Balance flyer, detailing how to enter to win $100 off any Canine Balance service.  Entry includes a FREE 10-minutes Accell Therapy session available during the event*.

You can also book and pay for additional sessions, as required.

Promoting better rest & recovery with an Accell Therapy session, it’s good for humans too!

10 Minutes @ $10                           20 Minutes @ $20

We will be offering Accell Therapy Mat sessions by appointment only.  Accell Therapy is a unique treatment utilizing Cycloid Vibration Therapy (CVT).  A medically proven system that has been helping human conditions since 1949 and has shown excellent results in dogs.

Accell Therapy devices are one of the safest forms of physical therapy available. Utilising CVT, a three dimensional vibration therapy, Accell is clinically proven to work in four main areas…

  1. Increasing circulation and lymphatic drainage
  2. Relaxing muscle and increasing nerve muscle
  3. Increasing joint mobility, wound healing
  4. Relieve musculo-skeletal pain.

These devices penetrate an incredible 4ft of bone and 2ft of tissue to cellular level. Following treatment, benefits of using the device will continue to improve for up to 8 hours after the therapy session has finished.

Accell Therapy provides a simple, effective, and reliable treatment that can enhance the healing recovery in agility dogs and can be repeated daily.

Come and see our Accell Therapy consultant for more information on payment options to purchase one of these devices.  A totally non-aggressive and drug free everyday therapy for your agility dogs.

Can’t wait to see your there!

*Accell Therapy Session available only during Agility Nationals event, by appointment only.

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Agility Nationals 2018