About Us

Sarah is passionate about helping dogs feel happy and free with their health, mobility and wellbeing. 

In her experience living with 3 border collies has proven that a combination of correct diet, exercise and therapy leads to a healthy active lifestyle for both people and dogs.

Accreditation with the US acclaimed Canine Rehabilitation Institute and a “Canine Myofunctional Therapy” certificate (Australia), trained under Australia’s pioneer in physiotherapy and currently shadowing Peter Schofield in K9 Muscle Manipulation, Sarah prides herself on being a qualified dog therapist.

With over 20 years of experience, Sarah specialises in how to find body imbalances or issues, easing and eliminating the dog’s pain or problem in a natural way.  She has also worked extensively on educating owners in maintaining a healthy wellbeing with their dog.  This enables a long active lifestyle which produces a complete balance for the whole dog.

Sarah McFarlane provides specialty services such as canine massage therapy, neurofacial release, canine rehabilitation therapeutic exercises, cross fit training including stretching exercises, gait analysis and provides workshops Australia wide.

Nurturing dogs by supporting natural diets and supplements provide outstanding results for all dogs from puppies through to seniors.

Sarah would like to start you and your best friend to a range of services from a rapidly growing industry in the southern hemisphere.